We are very happy and proud to be part of this beautiful project in one of the coolest locations in Jordan Webdeh. Webdeh is one unique old yet very vivid areas in Amman. During this project we had the pleasure to meet Rustic owners. The owners are true gentlemen. We wish them the very best in this project. As we have seen the effort and work, they dedicated for this project. This was one of the best commercial solutions we installed.

We are very happy Rustic chose Q Acoustics speakers, Audica Pro amplifiers & controller and QED speakers and audio cables. We always look forward to serving them with the best solutions possible nothing less than what Rustic deserves and what these gentlemen deserves.

We are very happy Rustic owners are very happy with their speaker’s system. Speakers are so well calibrated, live music performance are using them as backup speakers to distribute and fill all Rustic areas with amazing sound.

We even received this amazing testimonial from one the owners:

“Honestly the best thing we spent money on in Rustic”

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Rustic Bar & Eatery




Main Sitting Room


Audica Pro4 Zones controller / pre amplifiermultizone
Audica ProUltra Compact High-Quality Power Amplifiermicroplus x 4
Q AcousticsBookshelves SpeakersQ3010 – Graphite x 6
Q AcousticsWall bracket for Bookshelves SpeakersQ3000WB x 6
Q AcousticsOutdoor Weatherproof SpeakersQi65EW – Black x 6
Q AcousticsBackground In-Ceiling Speakers for BathroomsQi65CB x 2
QEDHigh Quality Audio CableProfile Audio Cable
QEDIndoor / In ceiling Speakers WiresQX 16/2