A beautiful modern home with a full 5.1 sound surround cinema system sitting room by Q Acoustics, and Yamaha AVR along with MusicCast controllers (multi-room audio system) to add another 2nd zone. In addition, sound-bars in a 2nd sitting room and Main Bedroom. Music can be played in selected 2 or more zones synced together.

Speakers looks complimented the Villa’s modern design; cables are hidden. The client is enjoying his movies, music and games with crisp clear, powerful and engaging sound.

Zones & Rooms:

  1. Main sitting room, 5.1 surround sound using bookshelf front speakers and center speaker & in-ceiling speakers for rear speakers (MusicCast Zone 1)
  2. Saloon, Kitchen, Dining & Bathroom as 2nd zone (MusicCast Zone 2)
  3. Individual audio system Sitting room: High quality sound powered by a 2.1 Q Acoustics Soundbar.
  4. Individual audio system Main bedroom: High quality sound powered by a 2.1 Q Acoustics Soundbar.


Al Bashir Sitting Room




Main Sitting Room
Saloon, Dining, Kitchen & Bathroom
2nd Sitting room
Main Bedroom


Main Sitting Room
Q AcousticsFront Speakers7000LR x 2 – White
Q AcousticsCenter Speaker7000Ci – White
Q AcousticsRear SpeakersQi65C x 2
Q AcousticsSubwoofer3070S – White
QEDHigh Quality Speakers WiresQX 16/2
QEDSubwoofer CableProfile Subwoofer Cable
QEDHigh Quality 4K Audio Return Channel HDMI CablesProfile HDMI E-FLEX Cable
QEDHigh Quality Optical Audio CablesProfile Optical Cable
YamahaHome Theater Amplifier / Audio Video ReceiverRX-V485
Saloon, Dining, Kitchen & Bathroom
Q AcousticsIn ceiling speakersQi65C x 8
QEDHigh Quality Speakers WiresQX 16/2
QEDHigh Quality Audio CablesProfile Audio Cables
YamahaMusicCast Stereo Wireless Streaming pre-amplifierWXAD-10
Audica ProCompact High-Quality Power Amplifiermicroplus
2nd Sitting Room
Q Acoustics2.1 Sound barM3 2.1 soundbar
Main Bedroom
Q Acoustics2.1 Sound barM3 2.1 soundbar