We are honored to meet the general manager of Sun Tours company. The great gentleman Mr. Belal Shkakhwa. We are very proud to showcase this project. As it is one of it’s kind in Jordan. 

Mr. Belal explained the issue his team is experiencing in the reception area. The reception area has more than 9 offices and is filed with employees. In this room, the Sun Tours employees are usually sitting with the clients and handling work via phone calls. Since 9 or more employees are working in the same room, the room is producing a lot of noise due to echo and bad room sound treatment. This noise is not making their work easy. 

To solve this issue, we used high-quality European made decorative acoustics panel. After installing the acoustics panel, the employees instantly noticed the change. As they can now do their work much better.

Acoustics noise in different spots were measured using a professional dB meter. Recorded conversation sound produced by speakers was used. In addition, speakers’ volume was set at the same sound level when the room was tested before treatment and after treatment. 

Readings before room treatment:

Room Entrance 78 dB 
Room Center 78 dB 
Mid left of Entrance Area  80 dB 
Mid right of Entrance Area 80 dB 
Room Back / Rear Area 80 dB 

Readings after room treatment:  

Room Entrance 74 dB 
Room Center 74 dB 
Mid left of Entrance Area 75 dB 
Mid right of Entrance Area 75 dB 
Room Back / Rear Area 75 dB


Sun Tours Office




Reception / Shared Office Area


Sound Absorption Acoustic Panels – Grey x 15Size: 50 x 50 x 5 cm
Sound Absorption Acoustic Panels – White x 15Size: 50 x 50 x 5 cm